Friday, May 16, 2008

Best All-Star race moments

Formerly known as The Winston, the newly named Sprint All-Star Challenge usually provides exciting finishes each year, and this Saturday's race surely won't be any different. So here are a few of the best moments in recent history at the all-star race

No. 5: Last year, Kevin Harvick won during a season of turmoil, but that wasn’t even his best moment. That occurred in 2005 when Harvick and Joe Nemechek scuffled in the Lowe's Motor Speedway infield after Tony Stewart bumped Nemechek in Turn 4, setting off a massive 10-car wreck. Harvick threw his HANS device at Nemechek's car and then tossed him around like a rag doll. That priceless moment carried over to the garage area when spectators witnessed this pleasant exchange after both left the medical center.
Nemechek: "Hey, I'm sorry about that dude."
Harvick: "I'm starting to get tired of you wrecking me."
Nemechek: "I didn't start the deal."
Harvick: "You called me out at Daytona."
Nemechek: "Hey, if you wanna go at it, let's have at it big boy."
Harvick: "But you know what, you need to take your old, washed up (butt) out of here. That's what you need to do."

No. 4: The most unexpected finish may have been in 1998 when Jeff Gordon dominated the event in his holographic DuPont car, only to run out of gas on the last lap, handing the win to Mark Martin. Gordon won 13 races and the championship that year, but still must wonder how that win got away. Especially after he dominated the year before in the T-Rex car that NASCAR confiscated.

No. 3: Most all-star races are rough and tumble events, but some have sentimental moments and show the gentlemen of NASCAR. An aging Earnhardt passed the torch to his son in 2000 after Dale Jr. earned the third victory of his rookie year. Two years later, Ryan Newman and Earnhardt Jr. battled to the wire and made slight contact several times. Instead of crashing Newman for the win, Earnhardt Jr. backed off and finished second.

No. 2: No race showed The Intimidator's determination more than the 1987 Winston when Bill Elliot nudged Earnhardt's car in the tri-oval. That bump sent Earnhardt through the infield for the infamous "Pass in the Grass." Never mind that Earnhardt, who won the race, was leading at the time. Elliot showed his appreciation when he crashed his car into the side of Earnhardt during the cool-down lap. No love lost there.

No. 1: But few people can forget the 1992 event - the first superspeedway race under the lights - when Kyle Petty spun out Earnhardt on the last lap and, then, slammed Davey Allison into the wall as they crossed the finish line. The No. 28 Texaco Ford and its crew went to victory lane while Allison made a trip to a Charlotte hospital.

Whatever a racing fan is looking for, it can be found Saturday in the qualifying races and the main event. So, after Big Brown obliterates the Preakness field, I'll be switching the channel and enjoying an evening of drama and suspense.


Lac said...

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Mike Jones said...

If you're going to post here and try to promote your own blog, at least attempt to discuss racing. Thanks

racer67x said...

they need to do more to generate excitement at the All Star race.
I've seen more 4 wheel action at the checkout line in Giant Eagle than that train race last night.
maybe start them 4 wide or

Mike Jones said...

Maybe they shouldn't have grinded down the track in 2005, which forced them to repave.

And having NASCAR take the all-star race to Giant Eagle ain't a bad idea, actually. It'd be a whole new meaning to "clean-up on aisle five"

racer67x said...

maybe they just need to move the race around each year.
a million to win at Bristol would get wild I'll bet.
then you'd see a "cleanup in aisle 5".. :)