Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hail Helio!

The racing this weekend at Indy was anything spectacular, but the result surely stirred some emotions. The loveable Helio Castroneves came back from the brink to win his third Indy 500. Castroneves, probably known more for his dancing skills than driving, faced a federal tax evasion trial earlier this year before being acquitted in April. Watching his emotions pour out in Victory Lane was amazing, and it is what makes sports so special. Kudos to pit reporter Jack Arute for allowing Castroneves to enjoy the moment and not getting in the way of the unfiltered drama. Sometimes the best interviews are the ones where journalist doesn’t ask any questions.


Scott Beveridge said...

tax evasion is out of control

Mike Jones said...

The dude can barely speak English, yet the Feds want him to read the tax code?! Helio is no criminal, but hopefully he learned his lesson.