Friday, April 18, 2008

No racing = No fun

A rare off weekend for the Cup drivers this Sunday begs an important question … Why now?

NASCAR already scheduled a bye-week a month ago to observe Easter, so why do they get another quick break? The Cup series now will race 12 straight weeks before its next – and final - vacation on July 20.

That’s all they get. Three off weekends this entire season and NASCAR burned two of them in the first eight races! At a time when workaholic crewmen are always on the road (they don’t have a luxurious RV to stay with their families) NASCAR should re-evaluate the off-weekend policy.

Why not split them up during the season? Of course, the Easter weekend is a given, and that can count for a spring-fling. Move the mid-season break to late June to give the kids a Fourth of July/summer vacation of sorts. And finally, NASCAR can generate some excitement before its playoff by giving the teams an off between the 26th race at Richmond and the first race of the Chase at New Hampshire.

Spacing out those breaks would make a lot more sense.

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