Monday, June 2, 2008

Smokey interpretation

Something caught my eye this morning while reading today’s Associated Press race report from Dover. In the story, reporter Dan Gelston alludes to the huge pileup that took out six Chase contenders when Elliot Sadler spun in Turn 2 and blocked the track. Tony Stewart, who couldn’t stop in time and had nowhere to go, crashed into the side of Sadler and the two cars blocked track. According to Gelston’s story, Stewart felt he triggered the crash.

“Stewart took the blame for running too close to Sadler,” the story said. “Stewart lost his chance at victory last week at Charlotte after the No. 20 Toyota got a flat tire with three laps left. ‘Unfortunately, adversity is our motto here at Joe Gibbs Racing,’ Stewart said.”

Anyone watching the race clearly saw that David Gilliland tapped Sadler and sent him into the spin. Stewart “took the blame” for crashing because he was angry at Sadler. Check out the rest of Stewart’s race conversation and you’ll see the point Smoke was trying to make.

"I take 100 percent responsibility. It's my fault for being even anywhere close to Elliott," Stewart said. “If I'm within a half a lap of him, I expect that to happen. It's my fault.”

Apparently, Gelston couldn’t tell Stewart was being sarcastic when he said he shouldn’t be racing anywhere near the No. 19 bumpercar driven by Sadler. Of course, Denny Hamlin still needs to explain why he drove nearly full-speed into the pack of crashed race cars. He blamed it on the COT’s inability to stop as quickly as the old car. Puuuhhhhleeeeease.

Anyway, there’s a budding feud between Stewart and Sadler, who crashed into the No. 20 just three weeks ago early in the Darlington race. It would be wise for Sadler to get out of the doghouse, and he better do it soon.

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