Friday, August 8, 2008

Life of a NASCAR crewman

Many NASCAR gearheads have aspirations of working on a Sprint Cup car during the week and making adjustments at the track while on top of the pit box. Those dreams are a reality for Cranberry, Pa. native Travis Geisler. The 27-year-old now living in North Carolina is the team engineer for the No. 12 Penske car driven by Ryan Newman. Geisler became interested in motorsports by helping his father, Lynn, in the pits at local dirt tracks such as PPMS in Imperial, Pa.

A few years later after graduating college with an engineering degree, he drove a part-time schedule in the Busch Series before becoming a crewman in the Sprint Cup series. It’s been a difficult and satisfying road that has taken him from dirt tracks in Western Pennsylvania to Victory Lane at Daytona. A three-part story featuring Geisler will begin Monday on “Jonesin’ for Speed”… Photos taken by Steven Rose with permission to publish from Penske Racing South.

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Scott Beveridge said...

I got a sneak peak at the stories today and they're pretty good.