Monday, August 25, 2008

Motorsports Monday

Weekend results from Motordrome Speedway, Pittsburgh Raceway Park and Pennsylvania Motor Speedway. PRP had a double feature and all results are listed by their dates.

Motordrome Results - Aug. 22
NASCAR Super Late Models
1. Richard Mitchell
2. Tommy Beck*
3. Mark Poole
4. Garry Wiltrout*
5. Bobby Henry
6. Neil Brown
7. Todd Price
8. Mark Cottone
9. Beau Glemba
10. Greg Kelley

1. Adam Kostelnik*
2. Bobby Shipp
3. Harry Opfer
4. Lonnie Hoffman
5. Gary Scott

Street Stocks
1. Ted Gibala
2. Shawn Phillips*
3. Jonathon Hileman*
4. Joe Nicola
5. Thomas Knight Sr.

1. Chris Spadacene
2. Denny Keller
3. Tracy Keller
4. Mike Lemley
5. William Oldham

American Flyers
1. Stanley Nodina
2. Ed Dinneen
3. Paul Rosa*
4. Ronald Eiford
5. Edward Shelpman

PRP Results – Aug. 23
Modified: David Dominick of Pittsburgh (10.41 sec/120 mph) DEFEATED Mark Romeo of New Alexandria (11.43 sec/114 mph)

Top Dragster:
Anthony Kronek of Reedsville, W.Va. (7.95 sec/165 mph) DEFEATED Ron Boyce of Blairsville (10.02 sec/131 mph)

Street: Richard Penn of Tarentum (12.05 sec/104 mph) DEFEATED Joey Pinskey of Greensburg (12.13 sec/111 mph)

Mark Noel of Greensburg (14.76 sec/92 mph) DEFEATED Matthew Vitous of Elizabeth (16.51 sec/82 mph)

Motorcycle: Brandon Gilbert of Hollsopple (10.28 sec/130 mph) DEFEATED Calvin Collins of Pittsburgh (9.53 sec/146 mph)

PPMS Results – Aug. 23

Late Models – 25-lap feature
1. Jared Miley*
2. Brandon Burgoon
3. John Flinner*
4. Lynn Geisler
5. Steve Baker
6. Tommy Beck
7. Ben Miley
8. Keith Rodriguez
9. Jim Lepro
10. Kyle Lukon

Crate Late Models – 20-lap feature
1. Daniel Angelicchio*
2. Daryl Charlier
3. Justin Lamb
4. Tommy Schirnhofer
5. Josh Holtgraver

E-Modifieds – 12-lap feature
1. Daryl Charlier
2. Wayne Tessean
3. J.E. Stalder*
4. Chuck Kennedy*
5. Kevin Miller

Pure Stocks – 20-lap feature
1. Jake Simmons*
2. Pat Weldon*
3. Bill Robertson
4. Nick Kocuba
5. Bob Schwartzmiller

Amateur Stocks – 10-lap feature
1. Jeff Broniszewski
2. Craig Koteles
3. Eric Goldberg
4. J.J. O'Patchen
5. Jason Herniak

PRP Results – Aug. 24
Modified: Allison Benish of Irwin (12.66 sec) DEFEATED Don McGuire of Export (9.61 sec)

Top Dragster: Dave Trapletti of Greensburg (7.49 sec/172 mph) DEFEATED Keith Bronson Sr. of Latrobe (8.66 sec/159 mph)

Street: Jeff Stewart of Fairmont, W.Va. (12.00 sec/104 mph) DEFEATED Joseph Devola of Greensburg (13.11 sec/99 mph)

Trophy: Joan Engelhardt of Latrobe (14.64 sec/91 mph) DEFEATED Robert Meyers, of Greensburg (17.76 sec/76 mph)

Motorcycle: Ron Lutz of Trafford (9.23 sec/134 mph) DEFEATED Andre Roche of Pittsburgh (9.90 sec/136 mph)


Roger said...

Mike, after many years, we finally made it to PPMS on Saturday night. It was a good show, events packed together pretty well. The only break was between the heat races and first feature race. The time was spent putting down some water on the inside rail, and the top cushion at the wall.

I thought the track was in good condition. The first heat races produced some dust, and I thought that the evening could be hampered by excessive dust. But, the dust wasn't a problem for any of the events. However, we were filthy dirty, as was the vehicle in the parking lot. For anybody planning to attend, be aware it is a dusty event!

I was surprised by the lack of fans. We arrived at 6:40, just after hot laps finished. There were very few people in the seats. As the first events wore on, more people filtered into the seats. But, the final count was awfully low.

I have not been to any other local tracks so cannot compare how well PPMS does with their operation. Certainly, the facility is old and isn't sparkling. The security folks did a good job in screening people as they entered. We noticed no rowdiness in the crowd; all folks were well behaved. Many families with children were there.

The show was quite long. The heat races started at 7:00 sharp, and the last race was finished about 11:30. The longest race was the feature of the Crate Late Models. The first few laps were marked with many caution flags.

I share all this with an encouragement for anybody considering the trip to follow through. It is certainly a different slice of entertainment than the local restaurant, movie theater, or sporting event.

Mike Jones said...

In reference to the empty grandstands: I think some of the fans may be in the pits working on the race cars. When I went to PPMS last July for a story, there were hundreds of people/crewmen in the infield and most of them watched atop their trailers and cheered even for other drivers. If you get a chance to go back, see you can get infield passes because it's a completely different experience. Thanks for sharing your story about the night.

Roger said...

Mike, you are right about the buzz in the infield. There are many people there, and they are very active working on the cars. Clearly, they are the ones really committed to racing.

For many of these folks, the Summer season must be wall-to-wall racing. In some classes, these same folks run at Lernerville on Friday night, and PPMS on Saturday night. Perhaps, they are running elsewhere during the week. It must take a huge effort in the shop to keep the top-flight cars in repair, ready for another night's racing. Not only must these people be really committed to what they are doing, but also must have a large pot of money to dump into this sport.