Monday, March 30, 2009

Johnsonville brat

There isn’t much to say about Jimmie Johnson, other than he continues to amaze. By all indications, Denny Hamlin or Jeff Gordon should have won the Martinsville race. But there was Johnson, in the thick of it only late in the afternoon, taking the checkered flag. Sure, it took a devilish move to get by Hamlin, but he did nothing out of the ordinary for Martinsville bumping and banging. The man is unstoppable, and that should worry every other team in the garage.

For whatever reason, FOX feels the need to interview Rick Hendrick seemingly after every victory. Once again, there was Dick Bergren shoving his microphone in Hendrick’s face to get the same, boring sound bite. I realize it isn’t unusual for the winning car owner to offer a few words, but we’ve heard the same thing from Hendrick about 200 times. Maybe they should start interviewing Chad Knaus, who is well on his way to surpassing Ray Evernham as the greatest crew chief of the modern era.

How many times is Robby Gordon going to crash before NASCAR finally revokes his license? He sparked at least three yellow flags at Martinsville and seemed to be in everyone’s way, which isn’t unusual for one of the sport’s last owner/drivers. With that gigantic black arrow on his yellow hood, you’d think it would’ve helped guide him in the right direction. I guess not.


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Glad you still remember the antics from the 2006 NFL Draft.